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Henna Tattoo Artists in Providence, RI

Henna tattoos are a beautiful way to show your personality without making irreversible marks on your body. If you’ve wanted to experiment with henna art before, now is your chance. The henna tattoo artists at Spectrum-India are experienced and can give you the beautiful tattoo you want. Come to our shop in Providence, RI, for an appointment.

Benefits of Henna Tattoos

As we already touched on, henna is a great choice when you want to show off some of your personality in a temporary way. When get a henna tattoo from one of our artists, it will naturally fade as your skin loses its top layers. Some other benefits of henna are that it is:

  • All natural: Henna is completely free from chemicals or harmful toxins, so you know your skin won’t have any reactions to it. Basically, henna is nature’s paint.
  • Easy to clean: Henna doesn’t need any harsh chemical cleaners in order to be washed off. In fact, because these tattoos naturally fade away, you probably won’t have it long enough to get tired of it.
  • Affordable: Compared to other permanent tattoos, henna is an affordable choice. Even if you get a totally customized one, you won’t break the bank.

All you need is a small budget and an idea of what you want your henna tattoo to look like, whether it’s modern or traditional. Then, our professional tattoo artists can make your dream a reality.

Benefits of Coming to Spectrum-India

Because we were founded in 1967, we have the experience we need to make sure you’re satisfied with your services. Our import store is unique in the fact that we offer everything from henna art to healing gemstones to body oils. We also offer tarot and astrology readings and energy healing sessions. We want you to look and feel your best, so give us a call today at (401) 421-1010 to learn more.