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Orthoceras Fossil Bowl Round

Orthoceras Fossil Bowl Round

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Orthoceras Fossil Bowl Round

A stunning bowl made from Orthoceras fossil stone that would compliment any dining, living room or even your bedroom.

Orthoceras, also known as Orthoceratites, is a genus of extinct nautiloid cephalopod. Its name is derived from the words "straight horn", referring to it's long, conical shell.

When it comes to the energy in which this fossil possess, it's all about the ancient knowledge this sea creature holds.
Having roamed the seas over 400 million years ago, this creature was living in a world that looked much different than it does today.

By meditating with the fossil's energy, one may feel a connection to that ancient Earth and all the knowledge that it contains.
This stone will offer up an abundance of life force energy which can be used in areas where we need it most.

*Due to our products being handmade, they may have slight variations in color and size. All measurements are approximate*

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