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Tranquility Tea Time Basket - Buddha - Sage

Tranquility Tea Time Basket - Buddha - Sage

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Tranquility Tea Time Basket ~ Relax, Unwind & Refresh

Basket Includes;

Buddha Tea ~ Saffron & Green Tea opening notes are slightly aquatic. Saffron has a sweet honey like tone, its warming effect will create a truly delightful depth of subtle spice. A mystical and aromatic fusion of sweet
grass and musk bring this tea to a buttery close.
Buddha Tea ~ Dragon Well Green Tea a combination of toasty aroma & inviting sweetness provide a unique combination that is sure to create a enjoyable experience.
Buddha Succulent Planter ~ Made of Resin and Plastic
Flamingo Tea Ball Infuser ~ Add a little whimsical to your loose teas.
Wild Flower Honey Sticks ~ 16 sticks
Aged Green and Copper Flash Ceramic Buddha Mug ~ 12oz
Abalone Shell ~ Palo Santo Stick ~ Sage Stick ~ Small Feather
Our small smudge kit is perfect for beginner to expert sage users. Purify your space or person for a more tranquil, clean environment.

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