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Tribal Soul White Copal Incense Sticks Smudge Sticks

Tribal Soul White Copal Incense Sticks Smudge Sticks

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Tribal Soul White Copal Incense Sticks Smudge Sticks is a hand-rolled masala incense. It has a fragrant, slightly sweet-piney scent when burned. Resin extracts from the "Bursera" family trees are used in the creation of these incense sticks.

Copal has played an important part in Mayan and Aztec religious and spiritual life, having been used as both an offering to the Gods, and still used today in shamanic ceremonies. White Copal can be used as an energetic cleaner, neutralizing negative energies and creating space to be filled with positivity. It can bring a sense of peace and harmony.
Each package contains 15 sticks, and comes in a paper pouch which is secured with hand-tied twine, decorated with a colorful feather. Every package of incense comes in a slide-out box.

These incense sticks are produced by the Hari Darsham Company, a family owned business which has been producing incense for four generations. All of their products are produced in India, in an ethical manner and are vegan, non-toxic, and free of chemical fragrances.

Price is one package of 15 sticks.

Please use care when burning incense, never leave unattended. It should be burned in an appropriate container.

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